‘In An Absolut World True Taste Comes Naturally’ 29th April – 5th June 2015
With Brian Bress, Marcel Broodthaers, Pavel Büchler, Tyler Coburn, Anita Di Bianco, Tim Etchells, Sonja Gerdes, Vlatka Horvat, Ann Lislegaard, Ken Lum, Masood Kamandy, Larry Sultan & Mike Mandel, Mark Manders, Josh Mannis, Kim Schoen, Carol Szymanski and Stephanie Taylor.
In An Absolut World True Taste Comes Naturally‘ focuses specifically on intentional forms of nonsense within the visual arts – artists who mean not to mean. Tracing a tenuous vein from the aggressive poetics and ‘anti-sense’ of Dada to the dissolution and multiplication of meaning in contemporary works, this artist-curated show places an attention on nonsense as a strategy of obfuscation and interrogation of meaning. (Press Release)
Camberwell Press have designed and published a new publication to accompany the exhibition that will be launched from 5-7pm on 4th June 2015 at Camberwell Space, Camberwell College of Arts, 45–65 Peckham Road, London, SE5 8UF.
The publication includes texts by Jean-Jacques Lecercle, Tyler Coburn, Tim Etchells, Ken Lum, Poetic Research Bureau, Kim Schoen, Carol Szymanski, Duncan Wooldridge and others, and features artworks from the exhibition. The book launch will also be a last chance to view the exhibition, which closes the following day.
This event will be preceded by a short talk in Camberwell Press with Kim Schoen, founder of LA’s Material Press and a presentation by Camberwell Press, between 4 – 5pm.
For further information visit www.arts.ac.uk/camberwell/events/camberwell-space/ or contact camberwellspace@camberwell.arts.ac.uk