Offprint: Top / Top
Winner of Camberwell Book Prize Liam Magee’s limited edition book: Top / Top, produced by and in collaboration with Camberwell Press, will be available at this years Offprint Projects at Tate Modern which opens on Friday 22 May.
Offprint Projects is a travelling art publishing fair showcasing a wide range of media including books, zines, vinyls, posters, prints, websites, magazines and blogs, and (this year) dedicates a special space for photobooks, inviting independent photobook publishers from across the globe.
The Book Prize was set up by the Camberwell Photography department as a means to help graduates reach a new and wider audience with their work. The winner sees their design fully realised in collaboration with Camberwell Press, published, and placed in the permanent collection of the V&A library. 2013 BA Photography graduate Liam Magee was awarded the Camberwell Book Prize after much deliberation, for his double spine design:
‘The idea behind the book (Top / Top) is that it has to be void before it is seen. I designed the book to have two perforated spines, so whichever spine you tear determines what orientation you view the book in. All the images inside are ambiguous in their orientation; they are depicting everyday objects but in a way that means you can’t determine which way you are ‘meant’ to view them in. Whichever way you rotate the book it could be the ‘right’ or the ‘wrong’ way to view the images. This links back to my interest in our perception and understanding of objects.’ (Link: interview with UAL)
Offprint Projects art publishing fair is at Tate Modern (Turbine Hall) 22 – 25 May
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(Image left: Liam Magee,‘Toptoplate,’ 2014)