On the 27th of January 2015 Kitson Road No. 6 was launched; a publication by the Kitson Road Living Project (now the Fernholme Road Living Project), published by Camberwell Press in collaboration with Fernholme Road Living Project, produced through the considerable generosity of Sarah Boulton and Marios Stamatis.

The Kitson Road Living Project was a domestic dwelling and project space in South East London, operating from January 2013 until July 2014. During the tenancy the Living Project was home to a rolling series of official and unofficial tenants, both long and short-term. Some of these were artists and curators; others were not. The Living Project also hosted several memorable parties and dinners, two exhibitions and a live concert. It also provided the holding structure for the ongoing work of living together, which is what continues after the house is returned to the property market.


There were readings, yodeling, tattoos and soup.

Rozsa Fakras of Arcadia Missa has written an article on Dazed & Confused describing the current situation of affordable live-work housing in London, mentioning in relation to this The Kitson Road Living Project.


The publication is also now available at the South London Gallery Bookshop & the ICA for £5.